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Why working with me is worth the investment

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Why private mentoring with me is worth the $$$...

Because, if you knew that investing 50K-100K would bring you 500K additional revenue in 1 to 2 years.

Because if you knew that in 12 months of meeting me, you’d be hitting 1 million in revenue.

Because if you knew you’d invest 3 months of your time working with me to add another 6 figures…

That you could create a sustainable business that will thrive.

Or, you KNOW there is more...

Or, you knew this would lead you to stop “waiting” (procrastinating yourself and your life).

Or you knew you would be clear and confident with what is next in your life so you could actually stop being in “confusion” energy.

If you could go to sleep at night feeling fully used up and wake up on fire, clear your vision and create what you truly desire in your life.

Would you trust yourself to go ALL IN if you just knew?

Most people say they would, but few truly put themselves out on the “skinny branch” as my brother says.

Few dare to be great.

Few bet on themselves.

Yes, few put themselves out there and invest in themselves.

Few choose to work through the discomfort so they can receive BIGGER opportunities and gifts.

And so, they don’t invest and they stay blocked.

I see it all the time.

The block comes up as “time” or “money.”

And, if you think you are the only one that tells yourself those objections when you want something, you are not.

99% choose to play safe.

99% want something and aren’t willing to pay the price for it.

And, it shows up the moment adversity hits.

The same block with “time” and “money” shows up in all areas.

The same feelings under it.

“I don’t have”

“It’s not the right time”

(where else does money blocks and procrastination show up in your life)?

That’s why there is the 1%.

Because, 99% can’t handle that edge.

That discomfort.

That OMFG, I “got this”. I am gonna jump and the net will catch me.

They shift their way of BE-ing.

They are committed to solving the problem.

They are committed to the outcome.

I work with the 1% who ACT like the 1%.

They put their ass on the line to get it wrong.

They understand that it will be messy.

That they may not look good.

That they may not be liked.

They understand their goals and what they desire is bigger than their excuse why they can’t do it or have it or it’s not the right time.

That’s the thing.

If it burns inside of you, it is there for you to have.

It is a test of how bad you want it.

It is a test to see if you are willing to BE and DO the things that others are doing who have those results.

If you find yourself desiring for more…

If you desire to get clear on what is next for you…

If you are tired of the waiting game (because you know it is costing you time, energy and money)...

because it is costing you your full potential…

Then, this post is for you.

This post is for you…

You get to own your courage right now.

The brave ones who have dared to go ALL IN for themselves and gotten the results I mentioned above.

So, why is it worth it?

Let’s flip it around… the real question is:

Why are YOU worth it?

When you can honestly answer that powerful question, you’ll know exactly what to do.

You’ll know exactly the full-bodied fuck yes “I freaking got this” kind of decisions you’ll be making and what new reality you will have by playing BIGGER.

You’ll see clearly that you are here NOW and life is NOW.

You’ll experience filling your gaps.

Tell me what you want next.

I will tell you that you are worth it and get to achieve what you desire.

But, you got to believe it!

It's your work to have a vision and believe it is possible and that you are worth it.

If you have blocks in your life, in your work or what’s next…

If you have hit ceilings and walls…

And, you KNOW there is “more” for you…

you know you are “more”...

that life has gotta have the next level for you…

Yes, it is an investment to work with me.

I am the 1%.

Imagine being clear on what you want / what is next…

Confident it is there for you and you can have it…

Empowered to take the courageous next steps…

Skilled to make sure your steps yield a positive result…

Tools to use you when you get blocked…

Principles, practices and structures to ensure you are successful…

Support to ensure you stay the course of what you want (many people give up or resort back to sabagtooging habits about now)...

Accountability to make sure you stay playing the BIGGER game to have the BIGGER business and life

Wisdom, guidance, experience and expertise to create your success and experience fun, peace, joy, calm and freedom…

Now, wouldn’t that be epic?

Then what could you create?

And being a new uplevel of you… more self worth, experience, expertise, wisdom and achievements to pay forward.

A new rate to charge.

A new level to be playing in and giving from.

Imagine my energy, attention, intention, wisdom and guidance on you and your business and my commitment to co-create your goals.

Yep, that’s why.

If you want to speak further, here is my application.

BIG Love-


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