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Hi, I'm Missy!

Passionate entrepreneur, writer & business minded creative committed to making you the best version of yourself and supporting you to have the life and business of your dreams. 

San Diego raised, University of Arizona Alum, and Top 5 Fortune 500 Corporate Professional turned Entrepreneur.  I learned about business and sales working with my dad at age 10 buying records and furniture at garage sales and selling them the swap meet on the weekends, then starting my first EBay business at 23 buying and selling high end clothes in Hollywood. Taking what I learned I built a $2M territory in LA, and achieved one of my biggest dreams; thriving financially, living BIG and building business in sales and consulting for a Fortune 500 company in NY.  Burnt out and out of alignment, I moved back to SD to reinvent myself as an entrepreneur, and create my dream life and business.

I get to work with professionals and goal driven rockstars around the world who are looking to start or grow their business and live a life of passion and purpose and make great money doing it.   To point out beliefs (that are NOT working for them), elevate, and connect and take their life to the next level. I support them along the way with success strategies and action steps to create the business of their dreams. It starts with mindset and confidence.  


Dating back to my childhood, I was driven, hardworking, creative, and focused and had a deep love for helping and inspiring others and taking myself on. Curious, with an insatiable hunger to learn about life, people, and business and to inspire and teach others to be better.  I have always had BIG dreams and a commitment to make them happen.  I am a connector and have used my influence to share positivity and light, knowledge, and wisdom.  I have a myriad of passions that range from traveling around the globe,, nature, poetry, writing, entrepreneurship, wellness, fitness, love, spirituality and eastern philosophies, art, music, film and business.  And I get to coach leaders in these industries, who are passionate and want to make a difference in the world being themselves and sharing themselves and I teach them how to be more effective leaders in their businesses and how to make more money.in their businesses.

I had an extensive background and used my experience in creative writing, business development and sales to start leading others. I dabbled in the entertainment industry, learning PR and project management, though most of my time and “success” was defined working around the clock for 8 years perfecting my business acumen, sales and marketing at a top 5 Fortune 500 Company in LA & NY.  While wildly successful achieving accolades and my financial goals, I spent years not passionate about what I was selling and feeling totally stuck in fear to leave.  It showed itself in self destructive behaviors, various health issues as well as falling in and out of depression.  


In 2013, after relapsing from an eating disorder, with my territory imploding, I made a powerful choice to leave the comfort and reputation in the medical industry and my corporate career in NY, back home to San Diego to reinvent myself with the commitment to follow my passion and start my own business helping others with their sales and marketing in their businesses. I leveraged my experience, success and passions, solid relationships, and connections getting freelance gigs in marketing and sales and by referral was hired by entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them successfully build and their leadership and business. 

Heavily involved in personal development and leadership in my early 20’s, I  returned to heavily be involved again in my early 30’s and this was the aha moment that led me to taking my business coaching to the next level.  It is here where I burned through the shame and guilt of having struggled with a life long eating disorder, depression, addiction and rebuilt my confidence.  I got very clear on what I wanted to do with my experience and expertise and how I could help others, and I developed a rock star support system around me that was unshakable. I dove into advanced leadership training focusing on my emotional intelligence and mindset, hired a business coach and was on fire.  I was high on life. From here, I created a 6+ figure coaching business incorporating my expertise and passion of life and business and helping people to tap into their badass and building their dream life and business.  I say, “Life and Business Coach” and really, it’s just to keep it simple. I am a passionate entrepreneur who mentors other (budding and developing) entrepreneurs how to breakthrough what is not working and build an unwavering mindset, habits, strategies, and a plan to create and scale their passion and purpose driven businesses to 6+figures and live an extraordinary life!