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Sales Mentor & High Ticket Sales Coach to 6+7 Figure Earners and Top 1% of Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Coaches to Master Enrollment and Achieve Next Level Clarity, Impact, Influence, Value & Income.

I am passionate about quantum physics, neuroscience, re-wiring the subconscious, NLP, EQ, leadership and sales, a personal growth junkie...a connector, both woo and woo woo. As a visionary business strategist, I lead my clients to gain clarity, certainty and confidence and provide guidance and support with the best current tactics, tools and skills to get past blocks, level up and grow and scale successfully!


I mentor driven + passionate (BADASS VISIONARY LEADERS), business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, online marketers and sales teams to own their value, hit their next level influence, income and impact goals and scale their 6 + 7 figure business.

In other words, we co-create what you desire.  You have the vision and the drive.  I mentor you with the what to do and how and hold you accountable and lovingly call your bs and also hold a mirror for how awesome you are.  I support you to get to you next level leadership. You master managing your mind, get over blocks and stop"getting in your own way" so you can be the rockstar that you are and live out your full potential. You have clarity with a tailored plan and high level support to live out your potential.  I also help you to successfully (and easily) build and scale and sell your (high end) products and services to the clients you want to work with in a way that is authentic, fun and easy.


Work with me directly.

Be, Do, and Have extraordinary in your business and life.

Top coaches, influencers, driven, passionate CEO's, sales professionals, business owners,  

female entrepreneurs, established coaches + consultants who desire breakthrough to their next level.


Elevate Leadership + Manage Your Mindset + Master Sales 

  Customized Consulting, Coaching & Training Programs


CEO's, entrepreneurs, business owners + top industry leaders hire me to train their sales teams and / or coach their high level mastermind clients to level up, hit their goals, build their leadership and elevate their sales FAST.



The High End Sales Mastery (c)

 Series Courses are for entrepreneurs to build a multiple 6 figure business and scale to 7 figures.

Feminine Leadership




High Ticket Selling



THE NEXT LEVEL MASTERY SERIES, An Exclusive Real + Raw Interviews with High-Level Training, Exclusive Offers and Free Gifts
7 figure earners share their expertise and secrets to breaking glass ceilings and busting upper limits while building and scaling their business AND how to create next-level wealth, influence, impact.
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I want you to live an extraordinary (EPIC) life and I am committed to continuing to create inspiring and impactful content to light you up and support you with being and living your potential and experiencing everything you desire and more. 

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Missy has been the loving interruption I needed  to get my business to it's next level and me hitting my financial goals.  Her expertise and wisdom is invaluable to me and my business.


She has a way to see a vision all the way through.  Cutting through my BS and helping me to see exactly what I need to be doing and how to do it has given me a next level of freedom and confidence.  She is so in tune to what I need and able to connect on such a deep level and bring out the best in you. 

 - Jessica Leigh 

Co-Creator Inner & Outer Beauty

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Coach & Facilitator